A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Game made for FSU game jam fall 2022 in something like 5 hours.

You are a witch wielding a water rifle that must prevent fire spirits from destroying your flower. Their mere presence dehydrates the flower, so even if you manage to fend off all the spirits you need to shoot the flower to hydrate it.

Puddles occasionally appear on the map. Standing over puddles and pressing SPACE will refill your water rifle's tank. It might even overfill it, giving you the chance to really let loose without care. Enemies standing on puddles take damage periodically; choose wisely whether to leave the puddles as AoE or to consume them to shoot down the fire spirits.


WASD for movement

Mouse for aiming

Left mouse button for shooting

Space for interacting with puddles


WaterJam.exe 69 MB
WaterJam.x86_64 70 MB

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