Control two characters through a maze, find 7 keys and find the portal. Dante can rush through enemies, Alice can explode enemies.

There's a bug where the player just... dies, out of nowhere. Joy.

Edit: Seems like Alice's fireball is somehow extending her own collision box RANDOMNLY, allowing enemies to hit her through her attack before dying. 70% of the time, it works 100% of the time. Unfortunately, I have no idea how that came to be and there's not enough time so... :)))) 


Movement: WASD or Arrow keys.

Interact with doors: E

Special ability: Spacebar (for Dante) and Mouse Left Click (for Alice).

Bring partner to you: F

Switch characters: R

Pause: ESC

Sprites were made in Asesprite, music was made in beepbox, actual game was made in the Godot Game Engine.

Made by Doninhahh and Joph. 


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cool game. if you could tweak the features (a map or a zooming camera, on screen controls or hints) to be more .. involved that could enhance the game

Glad you liked it! thanks for the feedback,  it will be noted.


Not bad


Check my game please.