Made for the weekly game jam 206 on the Godot Game Engine.  The theme was Clockwork, which the game uses as inspiration for its graphics.


WASD or Arrow Keys to move

SPACEBAR or E to Interact with objects. Pressing and holding perform different actions with certain items. 

Made by Joph and Doninhahh.


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*This game needs a more comprehensive tutorial. I did not understand how to play the game. 

* The visuals for the most part were alright. I liked the lightness and darkness. I disliked the walking animation however.

*The sound effects were pretty good. I felt that a bunch of random notes were hit for the music. Therefore, I do not really like the music that well.

*I do not understand how this game uses the Clockwork theme.

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So I go up into the first room, and there are two gray doors and one red...controller thing.  Pressing E next to the controller opens one gray door.  And...that's it.  Nothing opens the other gray door.  If I pick up the gear and then press E, the only effect it seems to have is that I lose the gear.  What's supposed to be going on here?

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I suppose that's the natural consequence of a game, designed with a tutorial in mind, scrapping said tutorial.

Pressing Space or E to interact either: Deposits stored gears if you have them, or turns the machine on/off. So after picking up the gear and depositing it, you should have pressed E again to turn on the other door.

I'm sorry for the confusion. Thanks for giving it a try though.

Maybe I'm not clear on where to deposit it...?  Wherever I am when I press E, my gear count goes from 1 to 0, but the red machine still only affects the first door, the one that moved before.

Yeah, I'm getting the same thing. Plus if you spam E, (at least for me) it "opens" the first gray door more than once, moving it more to the right each time.

Another thing I saw is that the door that closes behind you on your way into the first room doesn't have the correct sprite, it has what could only be the default Godot sprite.


why can i move?


Hello there, could you specify what exactly is the problem? If by that you mean you can't move at all at the start of the game, i would say its working here. Maybe some other thing is getting you stuck?